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Thai Wife Feeds her Ex Husband to Tigers

17th December, 2013

Thai wife’s murdered ex UK husband was cooked on the barbecue before being fed to wild tigers!

The Thai woman who arranged for her UK ex-husband to be murdered then barbecued and fed to tigers in a tiger sanctuary was jailed for life today.

The presiding judge told Pannada Charnaud, 35 that even though she had not actually stuck the fatal  blow she had still arranged the death of Toby Charnaud, 41, as if she had struck done it herself.

Three other defendants a  relatives and neighbours she had asked to help her with the murder from her home village were also sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

As Charnaud was led to prison she said she just wanted to see her son.

Pannada had originally denied murder but her co-conspirators, Boontin Puipong, 31, Sattri Sripatum, 28, and Nipit Satabut, 27 all admitted murder with provocation.

Body parts of Mr Charnaud who used to study at Marlborough College in the UK, were found scattered in the famous Kaeng Krajan national park, one of the last parks in Thailand where tigers roam free. His body was found after Charnaud reported him missing.

The court where told that Mr Charnaud had divorced his wife because of her gambling problems and was awarded custody of their son Daniel. He was reported missing after he failed to return home after setting out to collect Daniel from his ex wife’s home.

The police investigation revealed that the three other defendants had laid in wait for him at his ex wife’s home. They tried to shoot him but when that failed beat him to death with a metal bar and lump of wood.

The killers placed his body on a charcoal barbecue then cut him up and his cooked remains and then scattered them around the Kaeng tiger reserve.

Although this happened in September 2006 we are using the article to highlight the dangers to western men moving to Thailand. A FidelityCheckOnline spokesman said ” Remember you are dealing with a different culture, never put yourself in a situation where you are worth more money dead than alive”, ” Before you make any big decisions check out your new Thai partner and if necessary her family. make sure you know what you are getting involved with”.

* Please note: The image of a Tiger eating meat is not related to this crime!