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The Nigerian 419 Scam or Romance Scam

22nd April, 2014

The Nigerian 419 Scam has been adapted to be used on dating sites.

This is now commonly used on dating sites and anybody who uses them will probably come across one. It is sometimes known as a ‘Romance Scam’, the scammer typically meets their victim on a dating or social media site and befriends them.

The friendship develops over weeks and months and maybe love and a life together is discussed. Eventually when the scammer thinks the time is right a request for money to be sent to him/her.

Below are some examples of the most common examples, please note they are not exhaustive and scammers are coming up with new ideas for asking for money all of the time. The request will often be accompanied with a statement of what will happen if they don’t find the money.

So the request might be similar to; if I don’t get the money I will lose my house/job/contract/kidney. This is all to put added pressure on their victim.

• The scammer needs money to be sent in lieu of wages being paid or a contact is finished. Unless you send them money they will be homeless or loss their job or they will lose the contract.

• The scammer desperately wants to visit their victim in their home country and needs money to be sent for the air fare.

• The scammer invents some kind of medical emergency on behalf of themselves or their child, medical or hospital expenses need to be paid.

• The scammer desperately needs money to top up a mobile phone card.

• If the scammer claims to be in the armed forces, they sometimes claim to need money to get their leave authorised.

• The scammer asks for money to help with their education or university or employment course.

• Scammer need money so badly they may have to sell a kidney.

Scammers will use any trick they can to get money from their victim. They will use the information they have found out about you to apply the most leverage and pull at your heart strings. In short they will say anything that they think will work on their victim.

Scammer frequently start with small requests for money, these often gradually increase as time goes by. Often they will ask their victim for help with a monthly bill, this them gradually becomes a monthly obligation on the part of the victim. The scammer will then gently remind the victim that, for example, the rent is due and can they send the money by a certain date.

Kim Tuffin from FidelityCheckOnline.com said today,” never send money to somebody you have met on the internet and never met in person. If you use dating sites date close to home so you can meet safely when the time is right. Never part with personal information or photographs that might embarrass you or leave you open to blackmail or fraud and if you think there might be a future in the relationship get them checked out by a professional”.