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The Risks of being a Suger Mom

27th December, 2013

Mature women who travel to the Caribbean for Sex with local younger men, often referred to as Suger Mamma or Mummy, know what they are after, but so do the guys too!

Tanika Gupta wrote the play Sugar Mummies after reading some research by UK sociologists into female sex tourism in the West Indies and by being inspired by the French film Heading South staring Charlotte Rampling.

As a result they too carried out their own research survey and found that the traditional definition of sex tourism is not to consider women as consumers of sexual services, because the perception is that prostitute-users are always male.

As part of the research for the play Gupta interviewed 240 women holidaying in the Dominican Republic. Just under a half of the women said they had been involved in sexual relationships with local men.

Though 60% admitted that there might be “economic elements” to their sex, they did not think that their sexual encounters could be considered a prostitute/client transaction.

Instead they justified their actions by claiming they were helping the men, and boosting the local economy, by giving them money and presents.

When the women were requested to describe what a “boyfriend” was, most said how for them black men had bodies of great sexual virtue.

One English woman in her 40’s who has travelled at least 3 times a year to holiday on the Dominican Republic said: “I’m not naïve. I’ve been around the block. I come for sex of course the sun, but mostly the sex. I’m not coming to live and set up house with a guy. I just want some fun and good sex.”

The problems arise when the women start to believe the flattering and declarations of love and fall for these guys.

They don’t realise this is their job and this is how they make their living. These men can be carrying on relationships with as many as five women at a time from all over the world all ignorant of the existence of the others, maybe all sending money to support him.

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