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With thousands of clients, our specialist investigators, aided by unique computer matching software are helping victims of romance fraud or infidelity. Simply register your partner or person you have met on our unique database now and find out the truth.

Tips on Safer Internet 50+ Dating

17th March, 2014

Safer Internet Dating for Seniors 50+ Dating tips to help you avoid being scammed by the fraudsters!

FidelityCheckOnline.com promotes safer 50 dating and warns that scammers are targeting seniors dating sites to find potential victims for scams and cons and recommends everybody takes steps to protect themselves. “Stay alert and always consider that the person you have met on a dating site or social media site may not be for real and might not be telling you the complete truth” a spokesman for the company said today.

It seems like new over 50 or Senior 50+ dating sites are being launched every day and they are certainly gaining more and more popularity amongst mature singletons looking for romance and friendship, but these sites are also attracting the attention of scammers and fraudsters,some of them operating from overseas. Scammers usually based in Eastern Europe or West Africa look for opportunities to target over 50s senior’s men and women on dating sites even those using niche sites such as Christian dating websites as they see them as potentially easy pickings.

Meeting people on any dating online dating site for senior daters can be a stressful business but over 50 dating, knowing that scammers could be targeting you with fake or false profiles, can be even more daunting, scary and confusing.

Of course, scammers are not looking for love or romance; they are probably not even 50+. They might not even be the same sex as their intended prey. They are looking to steal their victim’s hard earned money and they will use every trick in the book to get it and that includes getting their victims to fall in love with them and trust them before asking them to send them money.

Scammers or (Romance Scammers) as they have come to be known liken the romance scam process as to be similar to fishing, they set their bait (fake profiles) and caste it (posting them on a dating or social media site) and wait for a bite.

If you are 50 and on Seniors Dating site you must be constantly on your guard for fake profiles, people pretending to be somebody they are not and people who are grooming you with the intention of ultimately asking you for money as part of a romance scam.

To create their fake profiles fraudsters and scammers steal information from other parts of the internet to create false identities. They will not just post one fake profile; they will post four, five or even six profiles all slightly different and perhaps on different internet dating sites or social media  sites in an effort to entrap their quarry.

It has been known for some dating site scammers and romance fraudsters to have up to six different internet relationships going on simultaneously. All of the people they are scamming live in different parts of the world and none know of the existence of the others.

All of the victims think they are the only one and they are in an exclusive romantic relationship that is leading somewhere, instead the scammer is just waiting their moment to ask for money and disappear never to be heard of again.

Of course not all internet dating site romances are scams or frauds and not all dating sit profiles are fake or false, but let’s face it some are fake and there are a lot of scammers out there just waiting for their opportunity. One piece of advice remains consistent NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEBODY YOU HAVE MET ON THE INTERNET AND NEVER MET IN PERSON.

Although dating sites can issue warnings, guidance and advice to avoid scammers and romance fraudsters they cannot identify them if they post on different sites with different details and photographs.

Luckily, now, there is a solution, some enterprising ex Scotland Yard detectives from the UK have come up with an answer. The increasingly popular website FidelityCheckOnline.com invites people who have met somebody on an internet dating site or social media site to register them on the sites unique database. Once registered the site software compares the person’s details with the partners of other members. If there is a match and it looks like the same person is in a relationship with another member the sites investigators discreetly and confidentially warn the members concerned.

If they want they can even be put in touch to compare experiences and confirm the match. Simply put the site might be able tell you if the person you have met on a dating or social media site is a player or for real, if you are wasting your time or there is the possibility of a meaningful romance or relationship, if the person you have encountered is real or you are being scammed by a romance scammer who has created a fake profile.

Kim TUFFIN said today “More and more people are taking the wise precaution of protecting themselves against fraud and deception or seniors dating sites by registering the person they have met online with FidelitycheckOnline.com. We call for everybody, especially those who join 50+ dating or Senior dating sites to safeguard themselves and their families against scammers and fraud.

Our site has members from all over the world and we run search for matching partners every 24 hours.

Our clients can leave the site any time they like and once registered they can update their partners profile with more information about them as and when it becomes available, the site is run by professional experienced detectives and makes internet dating a lot safer”.

People can register the person they have met on a dating site for as little as $29.99 a month. The sites clients have the peace of mind that they will be alerted if there is a possible match between the person they have registered and the partner of another member that may indicate the person might be engaged in deception or fraud. It is very discreet and the site guarantees complete secrecy and confidentially. “A person will never find out if they have been registered and are never contacted, they don’t even know they are being monitored” Kim TUFFIN commented today.

The site even works if the scammer tries to disguise their true identify by changing some of their personal details on their different fake profiles. Registering the person you have met on the internet couldn’t be easier or quicker; you just complete the ‘Partner Profile’ section of the site and wait. If there is a match one of the investigators will contact you through the site.

More information about Romance scams and the way they work and more tips on safer 50+ dating can be found on this sites previous blogs, please bookmark us and check back for our latest updates too!

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