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Top 10 Signs your Boyfriend or Husband is Cheating

24th December, 2013

Our Guide to the Top 10 signs that your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you!

Cheating SpouseFirst of all it important to understand that people, and this goes especially for men, need certain things from a their relationships. Because non of us are identical these needs are seldom exactly the same for everybody. Although each person is different and need different things, they tend to take them into all of their separate and subsequent relationships. So, when other, less insightful, sites, warn generally about looking for ‘a change of habits’ or ‘acting differently’, as a warning sign, what they really mean is that one or more of these, I will call them ‘identifiers’, have changed or have stopped within your relationship.

The art of spotting if your partner is cheating is to know what the ‘identifiers’ within your relationship are in the first place, when everything is going well and then seeing if they stay consistent and noticing when and if they change.The most obvious example is sex, if you boyfriend likes/needs sex three times a week and that suddenly changes, and there is no underlying medical reason, there could well be something wrong with your relationship. If your boyfriend is in the habit of asking your advice on clothing, career changes or shoes and suddenly stops, it would be another sign. All men are different but the likelihood is that if they are no longer getting these needs met by you, then they are getting them met by somebody else they are in a relationship with and it is this other person who is providing the sex, grooming advice (or whatever it is), that he would normally be getting from you. Take a step back and look at what your boyfriend has always relied on you to provide and see if these needs have stopped, changed or lessened. It needn’t be something big, it can be something small, the important thing is that he would normally need or expect it from you and that need has now stopped or reduced, here are some examples;

These are the Top 10 signs that a boyfriend or husband may be cheating on you:

1. Sex Drive is a big sign either way!

2. Increase in his general input on relationship issues in your circle of friends or family

3. Working out more and spending more time on his physical appearance

4. Buying new clothes or toiletries

5. Becoming more ambitious, looking at career changes or house moves.

6. Telling you funny stories.

7. Spending more private time online or on a mobile device.

8. Away more on business and later home from the office.

9. Confiding more in work problems.

10. Rushing to the shower whenever he returns home.

N.B It should be noted that identifiers do change slightly over time, age and illness are also factors.

Here are some more day to day things you might notice;

  • Last minute changes in his leisure of work plans,
  • Coming home after a long day smelling fresh and of soap (and he isn’t a member of a gym).
  • Not answering his phone at a time when he normally would, also takes a long time to call you back.
  • Spends more time with his mates (particularly ones you do not know, never met or have only heard of). This is because good close male friends of both of you will not want to get involved in covering for him or lying on his behalf.
  • Never lets his phone out of his site and keeps it locked, if you find he has got a second phone you didn’t know about (especially a Pay As You Go phone).
  • He might (not always) be taking extra care of his appearance.
  • Working late, saying he has to attend weekend conferences.

If he is emotionally involved with somebody else (as opposed to just having sex) also watch out for the following;

  • He will be short and snappy with you and might lose his temper quickly and easily, this is because he might be resenting the time he is having to spend with you when he could be with the other person.
  • He will also be spending extra money, so in some way he will have to account for this to you. If he uses his own vehicle there will be extra, unaccountable  mileage on the odometer.
  • He will not want to go into detail about his movements and instead he will talk in general terms about his day and what he has been doing.
  • He may have difficulty telling you he loves you or sharing his feelings with you.
  • He may look sad and troubled.
  • If he is thinking of leaving you, he will be reluctant to book holidays or commit to long term plans.

Just some general points.

Firstly you may observe some of these signs if your husband or partner has just simply fallen out of love with you and does not want to be with you any more, let’s face it, these thing happen, relationships do just break down, there might not be another person involved at all. caught cheatingAlso, consider this, if the affair comes to light, however much you love your partner, if they are in love with somebody else and they want to be with them and not you, just how far would you want to go and what would you do to keep them? If you stay together will they spend the rest of your time together resenting you? will you go through the rest of your relationship knowing they would really rather be with somebody else, maybe they would even keep in contact with each other behind your back. However much you might try to change to make your partner happy, put the affair behind you and swallow your pride, your self- esteem will have been effected, it will have taken a hit. Might it be better to let them go and to find somebody else, somebody who wants to be with you more than anybody else in the world. As they say ‘The heart wants, what the heart wants’.

Everybody and all relationships are different, that’s what makes them fascinating to those of us who watch and investigate.

  • Changes in work schedule. Boy friend is either leaving early or coming home late.
  • He is unavailable at times when he normally should be.
  • Showering at odd times.
  • He stops asking for your opinion and advice.
  • Makes plans without consulting you.
  • Spends less time with you.
  • Goes out with the ‘boys’ more than he used to.
  • Does not want you to use his cell phone or email.
  • Deletes history of calls on his cell phone.
  • Changes the way he dresses.
  • Unexpectedly changes colognes.
  • Starts asking about how faithful you are.
  • Asks what you consider ‘cheating’.
  • Asks you to change the way you dress or your hair colour.
  • The phone rings and he does not answer it.

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