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Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend or Wife is Cheating on You

12th December, 2013

Catch a Cheater with the help of our definitive Top 10 list of signs your girlfriend or wife is being unfaithful!

Do you have a suspicion or just a gut instinct that your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you? We have produced a list of the top things to look out for in a partner that might help you discover the truth. Unfortunately infidelity, particularly involving female partners is on the increase, whilst we hope your concerns are unfounded, getting to the bottom of them and finding out exactly whats going on is so important.

Read our top signs to watch for below, these will help you discover if your women could be one of the many who regularly cheat on their partners!




1.The most important sign is your intuition, if you think something is wrong and she is cheating on you then she probably is, the feeling you are getting in your gut is almost certainly based on facts, whether you realise it or not. It will be some subtle difference in what she does or how she does it that will set the warning lights flashing in your mind.

2. Always online or on her phone checking Email or text messages “SMS”.
3. Buys and starts to wear new sexy underwear, if she is having an affair with somebody at the office she will start to wear her new underwear to work.
4. Working long hours, getting home late from work or evening work meetings. If her work suddenly starts to require her to go to conferences at weekends… watch out.
5. She is not contactable on her mobile/cell phone in the evenings and she does not call you back when you leave a message.
6. If she can’t commit herself to your next summer holiday or plans for the future, it means she is not sure she you will both be together when that time comes.
7. When you are together she seems distant or short tempered. It could mean she is thinking of somebody else or is resenting the time she is spending with you when she could be with somebody else.
8. There are an increasing periods during which she cannot account for where she has been or doing.
9. He phone rings when you are there and she says it is a wrong number or marketing call.
10. Your partner has changed her sexual habits or gone off sex completely.
11. She gets a second phone (usually a pay as you go) or hides her phone bill, or starts having the bill sent somewhere other than home.
12. She doesn’t find your jokes funny and starts to challenge what you say or the way you behave.
13. She starts to bring a guy you have never met into your conversations, maybe something funny, profound he said, or something he did, or somewhere he went.
14. You stop being invited to work functions or Christmas parties, which were previously open to partners.
15. She joins a gym or partaking in other fitness activities, taking greater care of her body and appearance in general.


If your girlfriend or wife ticks any of the above then your relationship could be in trouble and you need to act, dont bury your head in the sand take action straight away!