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Making a UK Visa Application for a Thai Girlfriend

8th January, 2014

How to get my Thai girlfriend a visa to visit England

If your Thai girlfriend wants to visit you in the UK she will need a visa. If she does not have a valid visa stamped in her passport it is very probable she will not even be able to board the plane that is flying to the UK.

Anybody from Thailand (including and especially Thai girlfriends) arriving at any British port, either by air or sea, without a valid visa in their passport will be held by the UK Border Agency and returned to Thailand without ever stepping foot into the United Kingdom.

Every Thai girlfriend will need a valid visa to enter the UK. The only likely visa she will be issued with is a British or UK Visitor visa – England Tourist Visa

How to apply for your Thai girlfriend’s visa to the UK

  • The visa application must be made in Thailand Bangkok.
  • The UK visa application form must be completed only in the English language.
  • The Thai girlfriend must always have a UK sponsor
  • Written evidence of a relationship must be provided to support the application.
  • Evidence (such as a return ticket) must be provided to suggest that the girlfriend will return to Thailand after her trip must be shown
  • Evidence to show there are sufficient funds available to pay for the trip to the UK and also the return trip back to Thailand. (copy sponsors bank statement)

The visa officers main role is to protect the UK from unsuitable people, crime etc. Because of this the visa officer can refuse any visa application on very little justification.

Any visa application made to the UK by a Thai girlfriend, the appraising visa officer will need to satisfy himself that the real reason for the trip is tourism and the Thai lady will return after her trip without any cost to the British Tax payer.

Thai girlfriend and her UK Tourist Visa

Over the past 10 years there has been an increased number of Thai girlfriends applying for a UK Tourist Visa

The cost or air travel from Thailand to the UK has gone down making it affordable for working class and people with small businesses from the UK to travel to Thailand for holidays and tourism. Thailand’s tourism industry grown. Many of the men visiting from the UK came only came for a holiday but left with much, much more.

The Thai culture is different from that of the UK and the West. Sex is more available in Thailand and is available without the shame the west has traditionally put upon it. The British men arriving in the popular holiday destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Patpong have little resilience to the charms and beauty of the local Thai ladies. Within hours of landing many men are confusing lust with love. The holiday ends and the man returns to the UK heartbroken, lonely and soon missing their Thai beautiful, sweet and…. faithful) Thai girlfriend.

The phone calls and internet chats begin with the Thai girlfriend telling him/her well rehearsed account of how much she loves and misses him. Finally, defenceless he completely falls in love with her and asks her to visit him in the UK, she says she doesn’t have the money and the dye is caste.

In this situation there is only one type of visa available for a Thai girlfriend wishing to visit England in these circumstances a UK Tourist Visa.

Some Thai Girlfriend Visa Scams to watch out for!

  • Thai girlfriend tells boyfriend she needs extra money sent to her to pay for somebody to advise and help her complete the visa application.
  • Thai girlfriend Thai Girlfriend tells boyfriend she needs extra money to pay somebody to say she is working in reputable employment (something other than bar)….. won’t get a visa if she says she is a bargirl.
  • Thai girlfriend lies to boyfriend about the cost of the air fare (makes out it is more expensive than it really is).
  • Thai girlfriend needs extra money sent for warm weather clothing and new suitcase.
  • Thai girlfriend needs money sent to travel from where she lives to Bangkok to make the Visa application….. she will need to stay overnight, she will stay with a friend but tell you she will stay in a hotel.
  • Lying Thai girlfriend might lie and claim her first Visa application failed, in which case you will have to go through the process… and cost all over again. She has to delay trip but makes more money.

You can find the latest information on how to apply for a UK Visitor Visa at the UK Border Agency website. For more information on how to protect yourself please visit our Checking for Cheaters page!