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US Silver Surfers Targeted in Romance Scams

11th December, 2013

Statistics from the USA show that mature and elderly (people over 50) are increasingly targeted by Internet Romance Scammers;

In total there were 5,663 complaints to The USA’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3), of romance scams in year 2011. According to a resent IC3 report romance scammers stole approximately $50.4 million from their trusting victims. As most of the victims are already aware, once the scammer makes contact with their victim (usually through a dating site or social media) site they groom them and tell them they are in love, when the time is right they ask their victims for money to be sent to them as a wire transfer or Western Union. They make up some reason why the money is needed urgently and they cannot find the money for themselves.

In the US the average loss to each victim was $8,900 and there were about 15 complaints a day to the authorities.

Total Reported Losses to the 50+  $34.3 million


50-59 years   Second in complaints, total losses of $3.6 million
60+ years  
    Fourth in complaints, total losses of $2.6 million


50-59 years   First in complaints, losses of $18.8 million
60+ years       
Third in complaints, losses of $9.3 million

Many Women age 40 and older were targeted and victimised.

Note: These are only the reported losses we suspect many $millions more is lost to Romance Scammers and is not reported.

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There is absolutely no reason to believe these 2011 figures have not gone up year by year. Also, no reason to believe that this situation is unique to the USA, other western countries are being targeted by the same scammer and criminals. The Romance Scammers are professional and very convincing. They deal in volume and work on the theory that if they send out a thousand Emails a day they might identify one victim who they then pursue relentlessly.

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