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Vacation Causes Issues For Cheaters

8th September, 2016

Did your family vacation raise suspicions that your partner maybe cheating on you?

During your vacation this year did your partner behave strangely or different to usual? Did you get the impression that their mind was preoccupied, or appear to be going through the motions and vacant, as if they didn’t want to be with you, or the children, looking for excuses at any opportunity to get away from you to be alone?

Could it be possible that they were organizing future trips for themselves with ‘friends’, allowing the opportunity to be apart and out of sight to do as they wish?

Maybe they are always phoning, or receiving telephone calls that they have to take privately out of earshot. Or they haven’t let their cell phone out of their sight or always checking it for messages, emails or texts. Have they been treating you with contempt and disrespect, saying hurtful or sarcastic things to you to make you feel bad? Have you found out that they have been criticizing you to others?

If you have become aware and noticed any of these or similar situations, it could mean that your partner or spouse is cheating on you.

These are just some of the signs that your partner could be having a secret love affair behind your back. Or, increasingly commonly, cheating with someone else, through social media or dating sites.

This contact could be through the use of his cell phone (They could have more than one of these – some that you are not aware of) or a PC (Home or an office one may be used to contact the girlfriend/boyfriend).

The top excuses for finding time to speak to a secret lover on vacation are as follows:

  • Playing Sport/Golf/Jogging 34%
  • Business telephone call 27%
  • Gym/Spa Treatment/Hairdressers 15%,
  • Drinks with friends 13%
  • Shopping trip to Mall/Sightseeing Excursions 4%

This time of year causes all kinds of problems for cheats who need to vacation with their family, but at the same time, keep in contact with lovers or dating site contacts simultaneously.

They can find it an inconvenience spending time with their families, as it prevents the usual flow of contact with their secret lovers.

At the same time they have to keep their secret lover happy while they are apart so that they can resume their relationship when they return home.

For the team at www.fidelitycheckonline.com , (The top website in the world for exposing cheaters), this can be one of the busiest times of year, as suspicious men and women return from family vacations wishing to find an effective way to check out/validate their aroused suspicions.
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