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Valentine’s Day a good time to catch out cheaters.

11th February, 2014

Could my partner be cheating on me on Valentine’s Day? Could they have a boyfriend or girlfriend I don’t know about and could that cheater already have an existing relationship another person?

Although Valentine’s Day is, according to the marketers, about love and romance what they don’t tell you is that it is also about cheaters. If you think you husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating this is the time of year it becomes more difficult for them to disguise and hide cheating relationships.

Feelings become more intense and this time of year and need to be articulated and demonstrated by a card, present or maybe a romantic meal. This is the time to look for changes in your partner that might reveal they are having an affair, cheating on you, or worst of all, are in love with another person.

Look out for some of the following signs that you partner could be cheating on you this Valentine’s Day.
Any change of behaviour or attitude that can’t be explained by normal day to day life pressures. At Valentine’s Day look for extra signs of stress, crankiness or being short tempered. If they are in love with somebody else, at this time of year their mind might be somewhere else. If they don’t want to be spending time with you they might be resenting you being there. This often demonstrates itself in sullen, distant behaviour they won’t want to talk or be alone with you.

Unexplained money being taken from bank accounts or expenditure on credit cards.
Your cheating partner will be expected to buy something nice for their girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and the money will have to come from somewhere. Check credit card bills and banks for unexplained expenditure. Also (as any politician will tell you) look for signs of a cover up. Missing bank statements or credit card bills covering the month of February are always a tell tell sign that there is an item on them that cannot be explained.

Mistress Day February 13th!
Your cheating partner will probably want to meet their lover for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal or weekend away. It may not be actually on Valentine’s Day night but it will be around that date. Be alert to lame excuses that will take your partner away from you for the evening, night or weekend. Because of the romantic nature of the meeting cheaters will not want to be disturbed, be extra alert for excuses that mean they will not be contactable, only be contactable between certain times or that they will be very busy and for you not to call them, they will contact you.

Watch out for extra cell/mobile phone traffic.
Valentine’s Day takes romance up a notch, feelings intensify. Your cheating partner may feel the need to chat to their girlfriend or boyfriend more often. They may make excuses to be on their own so they can call and talk. If they make a silly, sudden, week excuse to be on their own and take their phone with them. Give them a few minuets then call their number. If there phone is busy and are on the phone for an extended period of time they may be talking to their lover. Their lover may get the urge to call them, watch out for your cheating lover turning their phone off (when they would normally have it turned on) or its turned to silent.

At this time of year your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife will be expected to look you in the eye and tell you that they love you, signs of insincerity do not automatically mean they are having an affair and cheating on you but, (if your expectation in a relationship is to have a loving partner) this might well signal problems in your relationship or marriage.

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