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Website Security

5th February, 2014

How secure is your website, will my data be safe on your servers?

ssl-icon1In a presentation in London today to law enforcement officers and security consultants the CEO of FidelityCheckOnline.com emphasized the importance of web site security and integrity. “ Absolute security is essential to maintain confidence and trust in our products, members and users of sites must be certain all steps are being taken to protect their data and information” he said. “For us we must insure that not only the data is protected but also the identity of the members is kept completely secret” he said.

The CEO went onto layout the steps his site had taken to safeguard his members identity and their data;

• Any investigations on possible matches are conducted by ex Scotland Yard detectives now working in the private sector. Well known for their discretion they also have years of experience investigating frauds and relationship issues.

• The company is registered with the Data protection Commissioner of England and Wales.

• Searchable data is protected by encryption (hashed) so even if the site was hacked there would be no readable data just a series of dots and dashes.

• Only partial data is used by the site for matching purposes (in most cases the last 5 numbers only), so complete numbers are not necessary for the database to conduct its searches.

• If the members wish to communicate with each other to verify the match their emails are never exchanged without the express consent and authority of the members concerned.

• When a member leaves the site or cancels their membership all of their data is permanently removed from the site.

• The site is covered by a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL which designed to protect communication security over the internet.

• All of the data is stored on a server within the EU by a reputable company working to the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Scheme.

• Finally, everybody within the organisation must have data security at the forefront of their minds, we must all play our part ensure that as technology and legislation changes we are alert and mindful of the impact on our customers and our business.


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