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What are Ladyboys?

27th December, 2013

Just a few facts you might not know about Thailand’s Ladyboys known locally as Kathoey or Katoey.

1. Ladyboys are considered some of the most beautiful people in Thailand.
2. If you worry about asking a girl you have met in Thailand if she is a Ladyboy or not ….. don’t, ladyboys are generally thought to be very beautiful, your enquiry would almost defiantly be considered a compliment.
3. Although ladyboys look feminine they are often as strong, fast and quick as a guy.
4. Although Thai girls take individual Ladyboys as they find them they are generally very wary of them and go out of their way not to insult or upset them.
5. If you ask somebody if they are a ladyboy… and they are…. as a general rule they will tell you the truth.
6. Ladyboys have gone through a lot of pain, upset and suffering to look and be like a woman, until and unless she does something to cause you to think otherwise, never disrespect, abuse or make fun of a ladyboy.
5. Ladyboys or often in different stages of their transformation, they will tell you, if you ask them, what stage they are at.
6. If you are trying to spot a ladyboy by looking for a large (man like) Adams Apple it will not work. As part of the transformation process the Adams Apple is shaved in an operation to make it smaller and more feminine.
7. They say the only true way of identifying a ladyboy is by seeing if her ‘ arm throwing action’ is similar to that of a mans, (but how to get a girl to demonstrate this at 1am in the morning in the Bangla Road  I can’t help you with I am afraid).
8. Ladyboys have breasts from which they can produce milk.
9. Ladyboys often have well developed upper arms and shoulders.

10. Men from all over the world travel to Thailand to experience their fabulous ladyboys and ladyboy cabaret shows.

They are fast becoming one of the wonders of this wonderful, mysterious and alluring country. As with anybody you meet in Thailand treat a Ladyboy as you would want to be treated yourself. Never put yourself in a vulnerable position by ‘flashing’ cash about, allowing yourself to get too drunk to take care of yourself, identify danger or dangerous situations.

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