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What is a Cougar?

4th February, 2014

How do you characterise a Cougar Woman, we list the TOP answers from our research!

Cougar women tend to be 40 years of age or older.

Although the term ‘Cougar’ began as a derogatory term it is just not the case anymore. The general feeling today is that ‘Cougars’ are self confident, sensual women, who know what they want and are prepared to be ‘pro active’ in getting it.

Here are some characteristics of Cougars so you might identify one if they approach you at a bar or on holiday and also so, if you are a cougar you might be able to recognise yourself.

1. Cougar women are self confident and have a positive self image.

2. A cougar woman knows she is older but that doesn’t affect her confidence and she does not feel ugly, typically she will dress well and smell great. Cougars take good care of themselves and whoever they are with. Her confidence comes from her experience both sexually and from being in previous relationships, quietly, she understands that she has certain big advantages over younger more beautiful women.

3. There is no set age for cougars, a 40 year old cougar might like a 20 year old guy and a 70 year old cougar might be attracted to a 50 year old guy, it’s all relative. The general rule is that cougars just like being around and the company younger energetic men. It should be noted that many men are attracted to older women as they tend to play less ‘games’ and deliver in the bedroom (cougars tend not to be shy or bashful). Gentlemen please note, between the sheets, if you suggest something err ….. slightly sexually risqué you want to try with your cougar girlfriend you are far more likely to get the enthusiastic answer ‘why not’ than from the inexperienced 18 year old you were with the month before.

4. Cougar women tend to be financially independent. Their independence may come from their business or work skills, family money or a divorce settlement. With money gives them independence and authority, it allows them to make their own choices and decisions.

5. Cougars, like sex, where, in the past, widowed or divorced women of a certain age might end up on the shelf pushed to one side or stigmatized by society. The cougar women of today don’t let this happen, they don’t let society’s conventions or religion pigeon hole them or control or influence them into conforming. A cougar woman enjoys sex and will not let negative stereo types change what she want’s to do or say.

6. Cougar women are not necessarily meeting men with the intention of getting married or relationships that will lead somewhere. They have probably been married before and may have brought up children that have now left home. A cougar woman’s chosen direction in life is not dependent on her mate.

7. Many younger men are now on the lookout for cougars, dating older women is becoming the cool thing to do in 2014.



FidelityCheckOnline issues one word of warning to cougar women, watch out for your adopted ‘cubs’ there are a lot of ‘players’ out there, take precautions your chosen cub is being faithful and not dating other women.


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